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Meet The Knifemaker

I got started in making knives because I could not find a knife that I liked and that would fit my hand. While at work one day, a co-worker said that he had a book on how to make knives. He let me borrow the book, 'How to Make Knives : by David Boye.' I took the book home and read it from cover to cover and then I started making my very first knife. Before I could finish that knife, someone wanted to buy it and I had to make another one. That same person ordered another knife before I even got the first knife finished.

This picture was taken at a 'Cowboy Trade Day' in Claremore, Oklahoma. I sold some knives here and had the chance to meet the local public. This event was not a knifemakers event. I was recieved with some interest in my craft. This was encouraging to me. That is how my knifemaking got started.

I admire all the knifemakers that I have seen or met. They are all an inspiration to me as are all their knives. I have met R.W. Wilson at a knife show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He gave me a critique on one of my knives and told me I was headed in the right direction. That inspired me to make more knives.

I plan on continuing the art of knifemaking. I wish to improve my knifemaking skills as time goes on. I would like to have critique by email from other knifemakers, as well as suggestions. That would be a great help for me. I wish to become a member of guilds and knife associations. I have not had any of my work in any sanctioned gun and knife shows anywhere in the United States, but I hope to soon. I am hoping to make knives full time when I retire.

The Bear
Chuck Dotson